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If you want a smooth and profitable landscaping operation, proper upkeep of your equipment is often as important as the grounds care itself. Performing regular maintenance and treatment on all your engines, machines, and equipment helps maintain optimal performance and keeps productivity consistent among maintenance staff. The following are two quick tips from Synthetic Oil Excels in West Columbia to provide the best possible care for all of your two-stroke powered landscaping tools this summer.

Say Goodbye to Ethanol-based Fuel

Ethanol is extremely detrimental to the health of two-cycle engines. Using ethanol fuel can lead to multiple critical problems such as hard starting or erratic performance. Many equipment dealers and mechanics attribute a large percentage of internal damage in machinery to the after effects of ethanol fuel. In addition, ethanol is also a powerful solvent. It often degrades rubber fuel lines and plastic components, which causes unnecessary maintenance problems and reduces the lifespan of equipment in the long run. Fuel that is ethanol-free protects the two-cycle engine from ethanol’s corrosive properties, and guarantees long lasting performance.

Keep Everything Clean

Dirty equipment is often not well cared for, and ultimately doesn’t last as long. This is why it is important to clean and lubricate your tools regularly. It doesn’t matter if you use your hand and brush, or an air blower or compressor; you need to ensure that tiny particles of dust, grass, leaves and dirt are removed after each use of all your power equipment. Although cleaning adds an extra step at the end of a long day, it's a step that extends the life of your equipment and can save a lot in costly repairs.

You Don’t Know Everything

Keep your owner’s manuals to consult when doing maintenance such as switching filters or oil changes. AMSOIL synthetic oils run great in two-stroke engines. Their chemical properties help extend working time and fuel efficiency.  If you want more information about AMSOIL synthetics, contact us today at (800) 778-0025.

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