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There are considerable advantages of diesel engines, from better fuel mileage to longer-lasting engines. Be aware that there are some crucial differences between gas and diesel vehicles that you should bear in mind. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your diesel rig healthy. 

Beware of Overheating

Unlike a gas engine, diesels operate at much higher temperatures. Overheating a diesel can cause make havoc on an engine. Pay heed to the early warning systems on the dash to avoid critical damage. If you believe your engine is overheating, stop it immediately and consult a professional. 

Glow Plugs

To ignite a diesel engine, compressed heat is often insufficient to burn the fuel. Glow plugs help the process along by heating the cylinder before the engine starts. To keep them going, glow plugs need constant inspection, especially in the winter.


Because a diesel engine burns hotter and shakes more than a gasoline engine, it can cause gaskets to wear quicker or become dislodged. Frequently check all mounting bolts to ensure nothing has shaken loose, which can cause leaks and other problems. 


Diesel engines use high amounts of air, and so the air filters must be changed frequently. And although diesel fuel is cleaner than gasoline, it contains a number of acidic contaminants that corrode your engine. Many diesels have two fuel filters to weed them out. Some will inevitably get through and mix with the oil, entering the oil filter. Choosing the right filters is crucial.

Synthetic Oil

Conventional oil often fails at the high temperatures required of a diesel engine. Synthetic oils maintain viscosity despite the heat. AMSOIL synthetic oils also include alkaline additives that neutralize the acids in diesel fuel, making your fuel more efficient and reducing engine wear.  

To keep your diesel on the road and performing as it should, contact the folks at Synthetic Oil Excels. As the AMSOIL dealer in West Columbia, SC, they offer all the synthetic oil and filtration your diesel needs. Check out their products online or give them a call at 1-800-778-0025.  

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